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Jester King’s grand opening

Jester King grand opening

This weekend I went to the grand opening celebration at the Jester King craft brewery. The brewery is located about 20 miles southwest of Austin, pretty much out in the middle of nowhere near the Travis – Hays county line.

Despite dire predictions of a rainy cold front blowing into central Texas on Saturday, the weather was perfect for spending the day outdoors. Apparently a few hundred folks from Austin and the surrounding area thought the same thing because the place was packed by about 2 pm.

trying to keep up with the crowd

The folks at Jester King know a few things about throwing a party. The brewery has an 8,000 sq. foot pole barn that they use as a beer hall. The schedule for the day had music and events running until 9 pm as well as about a dozen classic cars from some of the area car clubs. In addition to beer, there was BBQ, tacos, home made soup, plus good coffee for those designated drivers.

And speaking of beer, Jester King did not disappoint! They rolled out their Boxer’s Revenge Farmhouse Provisional Ale for the grand opening. Boxer’s Revenge is a saison style beer with a distinct flavor. The beer gets a fermentation in repurposed wine barrels. Brewed a bit stronger than the traditional style (hence ‘Provisional’) and dry-hopped in the barrel, this beer is an example of the creativity we can expect from Jester King in the future.

Also on tap was their Wytchmaker Rye IPA, a whiskey barrel aged Commercial Suicide, and Black Metal Imperial Stout.

Although I am a huge fan of IPA style beers, and really enjoyed the spicy-hoppy Wytchmaker, I think Commercial Suicide was my favorite of the day. Commercial Suicide is an English-style dark mild. The style is a relatively low alcohol beer that highlights the sweetness and character of the malt. Enjoy a pint of this with a weekday lunch without worrying that it will put you to sleep in the middle of the afternoon.

I finished my day with a Black Metal, and it was definitely worth standing in the steadily growing beer line. The beer has a striking coffee-brown head in the glass. The roasted bitter aroma from the dark malt and roasted barley was followed by an alcohol warmth.

So that was my Saturday. I had some very tasty beers, listened to some good music, toured the brewery, and hung out with a few hundred other beer lovers.

All hail the Jester King!

Ron preaches beer to the people

Update: check out this interview of JK owner Jeff Stuffings from Matt McGinnis’ blog whatareyoudrinking.

  1. February 1, 2011 at 10:05 am

    Thanks for posting a video of my interview with Jeff. Great right up of the event too. I didn’t get a chance to taste the Boxer’s Revenge, so I appreciate your notes on it.

    Cheers, Matt

    • February 1, 2011 at 3:55 pm

      Hey Matt,

      Thanks for making the video and putting it on the interweb. Nice to see and hear Jeff talk about JK.


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